HONOR Launches Android 15 Beta Testing for Developers on Select Phones

HONOR has made a significant move in the software development field by offering the Android 15 Beta version for developers to test their apps on HONOR devices. The early access to this new Android version is currently limited to two models – the Magic6 Pro and the foldable Magic V2.

How Developers Can Access the HONOR Android 15 Beta

Developers keen on optimizing their apps for the forthcoming Android 15 can do so by ensuring their HONOR Magic 6 Pro or HONOR Magic V2 is updated to one of the supporting versions:

– For the Magic 6 Pro: Version number BVL-N49,, or later.
– For the Magic V2: Version number VER-N49, or, or later.

Feedback and Troubleshooting for Beta Testers

In this Beta process, developers can provide feedback directly through the HONOR smartphone by navigating to the “Smart Diagnosis” section under “Services” and sending feedback with accompanying logs. A step-by-step guide for logging and submitting issues ensures that developers can report accurately on any malfunctions such as HDR effects not working in the gallery, simulation of camera crashes, or issues related to mobile screen mirroring.

It’s notable that some features like Parallel Space and Magic Portal are not available during the testing phase. Additionally, users may encounter experiences where only one SIM card appears visible in dual-SIM mode, and they might need to select “Unset” within the SIM management settings.

HONOR’s Commitment to Firmware Updates

HONOR continues to impress the tech community with its flagship devices, the Magic6 Pro and Magic V2. Besides the Android 15 Beta update, both devices are set to receive four major MagicOS updates and five years of security updates, ensuring longevity and reliability for global users. The commitment reflects HONOR’s firm stand in providing continual support for their advanced smartphone line-up, including the world-renowned ultra-light and thin foldable, the Magic V2.

Important Questions and Answers:

Q: What is Android 15 Beta?
A: Android 15 Beta is a pre-released version of the Android operating system provided by Google. It allows developers to test and adapt their applications to new features and changes in the upcoming version of Android before it is officially released to the public.

Q: Why is HONOR offering Android 15 Beta testing?
A: HONOR is offering Android 15 Beta testing to help developers ensure compatibility and to take advantage of new Android features. This proactive approach also demonstrates HONOR’s commitment to keeping their devices up to date and providing an optimized user experience.

Key Challenges and Controversies:

One of the key challenges for developers engaging in beta testing is working with an incomplete, potentially unstable version of the operating system, which may have undiscovered bugs and issues. Additionally, due to the limited device models supported, developers who do not own either the HONOR Magic 6 Pro or HONOR Magic V2 may be left out of the testing process.

There can be controversies regarding how the feedback from beta testing is handled and how transparent the company is about the known issues, as well as how the non-disclosure of certain bugs might impact the end users.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

– Early access to new Android features allows developers to update and optimize their apps in advance.
– Direct feedback mechanisms help resolve issues quickly, potentially improving the final version of Android 15.
– Longer-term firmware and security support from HONOR enhances the device’s lifespan and security.

– Beta software is typically less stable, which means developers and early adopters may encounter more issues than with a final release.
– Limited device compatibility for testing restricts the testing pool and may limit the early feedback.
– The absence of features like Parallel Space and Magic Portal during the testing phase limits the full experience of the device’s capabilities.

For more information on HONOR devices and software updates, you can visit the official HONOR website via this link. Please make sure to always check the URL is correct and secure before proceeding.