Galaxy A54 in India Receives Feature-Packed OneUI 6.1 Update

OneUI 6.1 Enhancements Arrive for Samsung’s Galaxy A54

Samsung Galaxy A54 owners in India are in for a treat as the tech giant has initiated the rollout of its OneUI 6.1 update in the region. This comes following the update’s deployment in various other markets including Europe, the United States, and Samsung’s base of operations, South Korea.

The update asserts its presence with a significant file size of approximately 2118MB and is identified by the firmware version A546EXXU7CXDD. Users who haven’t yet received an automatic update notification are advised to maintain patience, as the distribution may take a few days to reach all devices. Meanwhile, those eager to explore the new features can manually search for the update within their device settings under ‘Software Update.’

Diverse Range of New Capabilities

The Galaxy A54 is equipped with a multitude of fresh attributes courtesy of the OneUI 6.1 update. The device’s gallery application has been expanded to offer new possibilities for editing photos and videos. Additionally, users can now imbue their wallpapers with portrait effects, enjoy enhanced video call experiences with special effects, toggle between different microphone modes, and customize their lock screen widgets more extensively. The update also brings improved battery life safeguards, although it does not include any advanced AI features.

The absence of Galaxy AI elements in the OneUI 6.1 update for Galaxy A54 is noticeable, particularly given that Exynos 1380, the handset’s processor, is not optimized for such capabilities. Not only are on-device AI functions beyond its hardware reach, but cloud-based features like ‘Circle to Search’ by Google are also omitted. Despite this, the enrichment of the Galaxy A54 with OneUI 6.1 offers a suite of benefits that will likely elevate the user experience.

Key Questions and Answers:

Q: What is OneUI 6.1?
A: OneUI 6.1 is the latest iteration of Samsung’s custom skin based on the Android operating system. It is designed to enhance the user experience with improved visuals, functionalities, and performance optimizations for Samsung devices.

Q: Why is the absence of AI features in the OneUI 6.1 update for Galaxy A54 significant?
A: The absence is significant because AI features have become a selling point for modern smartphones, offering advanced capabilities like image recognition, language translation, and optimization of device performance. However, due to the limitations of the Exynos 1380 processor in the Galaxy A54, these AI features are not supported.

Key Challenges or Controversies:

The main challenge associated with the update could be the concern that without AI enhancements, the Galaxy A54 may fall behind its competitors that offer such features. Additionally, large updates like 2118MB may pose a challenge for users with limited data plans or internet access constraints.


– The OneUI 6.1 update enriches the device with new photo and video editing options, wallpaper effects, video call enhancements, multiple microphone modes, and more customizable lock screen widgets.
– Improved battery life safeguards contribute to longer device usability between charges.
– Fresh updates typically include security patches that help protect the device against vulnerabilities.


– The lack of AI capabilities could make the device less appealing to those who seek cutting-edge technology in their smartphones.
– Large file size of the update which can be a concern for users with limited storage or those with capped data plans.
– Possibility of bugs and glitches that sometimes accompany new software updates, which might require further patches and fixes.

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