One UI 6.1 Causes Fingerprint Scanner Issues on Galaxy S23 Series

Multiple Samsung device owners are reporting issues with the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S23 series after updating to One UI 6.1. Users on Reddit have voiced their concerns, with one Redditor named “oneui” describing the problem as intermittent. They mentioned that sometimes, when the phone is taken out of the pocket and the fingerprint scanner is immediately used, nothing happens initially. However, upon lifting the finger, the fingerprint animation appears again, and then the scanner finally works.

This issue has been echoed by several other Galaxy S23 series users. One individual complained that their fingerprint scanner disappears upon the first press after the phone wakes up. Another user, “this-guy95,” shared a similar experience with their Galaxy S23 FE, stating that the sensor light blinks and crashes upon turning on the display to place their finger on it. However, it functions normally on the second attempt.

The presence of these fingerprint scanner issues adds to a growing list of bugs that have emerged following the installation of One UI 6.1. Despite the update bringing AI features to various Samsung devices, it appears to have introduced a number of unintended consequences.

As of now, there has been no official response from Samsung regarding these complaints. If the company does address the issue, we will be sure to provide an update on the matter. In the meantime, Galaxy S23 series owners may need to rely on alternative unlocking methods or await a fix from Samsung to rectify the problem with the fingerprint scanner.

The issues with the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S23 series after updating to One UI 6.1 are not isolated incidents. Multiple users on Reddit and other online forums have reported similar problems, indicating that this issue is widespread among Galaxy S23 series owners.

This is just one example of the challenges faced by the smartphone industry. As technology advances and companies continuously introduce new updates and features, there is always the potential for unforeseen issues to arise. In this case, the integration of AI features in the One UI 6.1 update seems to have inadvertently affected the functionality of the fingerprint scanner.

While Samsung has not yet provided an official response to these complaints, it is important for them to acknowledge and address these issues promptly. Failing to do so could result in a loss of customer trust and satisfaction, as well as a potential decline in sales.

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